Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some typical questions we get asked. To find out anything more specific to you just get in touch.

Do you guarantee the work carried out on your projects by sub-contractors?
Yes. We take full responsibility for all work carried out on your project.

Do I need to find my own architects to design my new home?
If you already have an architect in mind we would be happy to work with them however we work regularly with architects that we trust and would be happy to introduce them to you.

Can you help with dealing with planning permission and building regulations?
Yes. We’ll deal with all of that on your behalf.

How long will my project take?
Once we have visited your site and talked through the project with you we’ll be able to give you an accurate idea. Remember we offer a no-cost consultation. We would be able to give you a good idea of the length of time the project would take if you arrange a site visit.

Can you provide me with references from previous jobs you’ve worked on.
Yes we can.

Can you tell me what I could expect to pay if I use your company?
Yes. Every project is of course different but as a general rule you should expect to pay £900 per square metre for a single story extension, £1400 per square metre for a two storey extension and £500 per square metre for a loft conversion. We would be happy to give you a free written quotation for your project if you get in touch.

How long are quotations you give valid for?
All written quotations are valid for 6 months but if you need a longer guarantee we can arrange it.

Will I be given a fixed start date for the work?
Yes. Once we have studied your requirements we’ll give you a definite start date. It’s possible that adverse weather could effect this but that is unlikely.

If I’m getting a home extension built will I have to move out?
Every job is different but normally we can work around you and you can continue to live at home. We try our absolute best to minimise disruption to your daily life but there will of course be a degree of dust and building debris around certain areas where work is being carried out as well as typical noise and general activity that is unavoidable. We do try our best though!